Intex Quick Fill 66619 Electric Air Pump AC


Intex Quick-Fill Electric Pump AC

Item #: 66619

Manufacturer: Intex

Power: Plugs Into Home Outlet

Inflates and Deflates Inflatable Products

3 Interconnecting Nozzles

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Description of Intex Quick Fill 66619 Electric Air Pump AC

The Intex Quick-Fill Electric Pump plugs easily into any household outlet. Quickly blow up your inflatable products and then when it's time to put them away this pump is a real back saver because it will help you deflate them by sucking out all of the air for you. This pump includes 3 interconnecting nozzles that fit tightly to all of Intex's valves.

Specs of Electric Air Pump 66619 Intex Quick-Fill AC Pump

  • 3 interconnecting nozzles
  • Inflates and deflates inflatable boats or toys
  • Plugs into any household electrical outlet
  • UL/CSA listed