Intex Quick-Fill 66629 Electric Air Pump AC


Intex Quick-Fill Electric Pump AC

Item #: 66629

Manufacturer: Intex

Power: Plugs Into Home Outlet

Inflates and Deflates Inflatable Products

Accordion Hose with 3 Nozzles

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Description of Intex Quick-Fill 66629 Electric Air Pump AC

Intex's High Output Electric Pump inflates fast and plugs easily into any household outlet. Quickly blow up your inflatable products and then when it's time to put them away this pump is a real back saver because it will help you deflate them by sucking out all of the air for you. This pump includes a long extension hose to make inflation / deflation easier and 3 interconnecting nozzles that fit tightly to all of Intex's valves.

Specs of Electric Air Pump 66629 Intex Quick-Fill AC Pump

  • 3 interconnecting nozzles and hose
  • Inflates and deflates inflatable boats or toys
  • Plugs into any household electrical outlet
  • UL/CSA listed