Intex Excursion 3 Inflatable Raft Set- Three Man Blow Up Fishing Boat


Excursion 3 Inflatable Boat Set

Item #: 68319

Manufacturer: Intex

Capacity: 3 Man / 660 lbs

Inflated Size: 103" x 62" x 16.5"

Material: 30 Gauge Vinyl

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Description of Intex Excursion 3 Three Man Inflatable Raft with Boat Oars and Pump

Excursion inflatable boats are the biggest and roomiest rafts that Intex manufactures. The Excursion 3 inflatable boat truly is a large 3 man raft and the two inflatable seats with backrest lock to the boat to ensure that you're always comfortable. The extra leg room and comfy seats make riding in this inflatable boat extremely comfortable even during an all-day fishing or floating trip on your favorite pond, lake or mild river. Exploring your favorite lake with the Excursion 3 inflatable raft is easy because every boat comes standard with Intex's extra-long 54 inch aluminum oars. Or if you want to take the Excursion 3 long distances purchase a motor mount and attach up to a 1.5 HP motor. Two fishing rod holders make this inflatable raft a great trolling boat. The durable Intex Excursion 3 boat is constructed with super thick 30 gauge vinyl that is unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt water plus resists damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. This Excursion 3 inflatable boat also features 3 separate air chambers, one in the floor and two in the main hull. These separate air chambers will help keep you safe because even if one air chamber deflates, the other two will remain inflated and help you get safely back to shore. Two quick-fill / fast-deflate Boston valves make deflating the Excursion 3 inflatable boat very fast plus a large storage duffel bag is included to store the boat, oars and accessories. The Intex Excursion 3 inflatable boat also includes hand pump for easy inflation, gear pouch, welded on oar locks, grab handle on both ends of the boat, all-around grab line and repair patch kit. Motor mount kit is optional but make a great addition to this inflatable raft.

Specs of Excursion 3 Inflatable Boat 68319 Intex Three Man Blow Up Fishing Raft

  • Manufacturer: Intex
  • Model Number: 68319
  • Model: Excursion 3
  • Capacity: 3 Persons / 660 lbs
  • Inflated Size: 103in x 62in x 16.5in
  • Shipping Weight: 45 lbs
  • Accessories Included: Oars, storage bag, patch kit, gear pouch and a pump to inflate the boat
  • Optional Accessories: Motor Mount Kit
  • Material: 30 gauge PVC. Extra thick vinyl provides greater rigidity and resists damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. Unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt water
  • Motor Mount Fittings: Strong enough to handle up to a 1.5 HP motor. The optional Motor Mount Kit is required to be able to attach a motor to this boat
  • Floor: Inflated I-Beam floor for added comfort and buoyancy
  • Chambers: 3 completely separate air chambers help this boat stay afloat even if a chamber deflates (2 main hull cambers, 1 floor chamber)
  • Pump: Included Intex Double Quick II High-Output Hand Air Pump
  • Oars: Included 54in aluminum oars that collapse for easy storage
  • Extra large dimensions provide a wider roomier cockpit. Plus the high-back seat cushions make this one of Intex's most comfortable boats
  • Two Boston valves on main hull chambers make inflating and deflating the boat fast
  • Grab handle on both ends plus all around grab line for easy carrying
  • Two fishing rod holders at the end of the boat for hands free fishing
  • Two inflated seats with backrests allow you to sit back and relax
  • Welded on oar locks allow you to row this boat
  • Oar holders on the side allow you to store the oars when not in use
  • US Coast Guard I.D. included and TUV approved
  • Ships in colored retail box